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Fried Thanksgiving

When holiday comfort food meets fair food styles..

1 store bought rotisserie chicken

1 box of Cornbread Stovetop

3 cups of chicken broth

1 pkg of white cornbread mix

1 pkg of white cornbread mix

2 1/2 cup of flour

1/4 cup of Italian seasoning

Vegetable Oil


1. Prepare cornbread mix as directed and crumble.

2. Add Stovetop to crumbled cornbread.

3. Heat chicken broth in microwave for 5: minutes. Mix with cornbread mixture

4. Shred chicken and add 1 cup to mixture

5. Take mixture and form into small balls.

6. Chill balls in fridge for one hour

7. Take 1/2 cup flour and mix with 1 cup of water. Take 2 cups flour and mix with Italian seasoning.

8. Take balls and dip in liquid flour mixture. Then dip in seasoned flour mixture.

9. Deep fry balls for 2 minutes

10. Use Cranberry Sauce and mashed sweet potatoes for dipping. Enjoy

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