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Crab Stuffed Fried Okra


For the Crab Stuffing:

  • 1 lb Lump Crab Meat

  • 1 Large Egg, beaten

  • 2 Tbsp Mayonnaise

  • 1/2 Cup Bread Crumbs

  • 1 tsp Old Bay Seasoning

  • Salt and Pepper to taste

For the Okra and Coating:

  • 20-30 Fresh Okra Pods

  • 1 Cup Chicken Fry Batter Mix

  • 1 Cup Cornmeal

  • Oil for frying (enough to fill your frying pan or fryer)


  1. Prepare the Crab Stuffing:

  • In a bowl, gently mix the lump crab meat, beaten egg, mayonnaise, bread crumbs, Old Bay Seasoning, salt, and pepper. The mixture should be moist but not too wet. If it's too dry, add a little more mayonnaise.

  1. Prepare the Okra:

  • Rinse the okra pods and pat them dry. Make a lengthwise slit in each pod to create a pocket for the stuffing. Be careful not to cut all the way through.

  1. Stuff the Okra:

  • Carefully stuff each okra pod with the crab mixture. Ensure the mixture is snugly in place, but avoid overstuffing to prevent it from spilling out during frying.

  1. Prepare the Coating:

  • In a shallow dish, mix the chicken fry batter mix and cornmeal together. You can add a pinch of Old Bay Seasoning to this mix for added flavor.

  1. Coat the Okra:

  • Roll the stuffed okra in the chicken fry batter and cornmeal mixture, making sure each pod is evenly coated. Shake off any excess.

  1. Fry the Okra:

  • Heat the oil in a deep fryer or a large, deep pan to about 350°F (175°C).

  • Fry the okra pods in batches, so as not to overcrowd the pan. Fry until they are golden brown and crispy, which should take about 3-4 minutes.

  • Use a slotted spoon to remove the okra from the oil and drain them on paper towels.

  1. Serve:

  • Serve the Deep Fried Crab Stuffed Okra hot, with a side of tartar sauce, lemon wedges, or your choice of dipping sauce.

This dish offers a delightful combination of crispy fried okra and a savory, moist crab filling – perfect as an appetizer or a unique side dish! Enjoy!

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