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Bougie Southern Chicken Sandwich

Stop waiting in the Popeye's Drive Thur line to taste their new Chicken Sandwich. Relax at home and try our version.

Southern style with a sweet and savory twist

6 Skinless Boneless Chicken Thighs

2 TSP of Creole seasoning

A box of Zatarain's Southern Buttermilk Chicken Fry Mix

6 Brioche Hamburger Buns


Baby Spinach and Arugula Mix

1 fresh peach sliced



1. Preheat Deep Fry or Dutch oven

2. Season thighs with creole seasoning

3. Prepare the fry mix as instructed on box. Fry chicken until golden brown

4.Toast buns

5. Spread mayo on both sides of toasted bun. Place pickles and peaches on top, then spinach & arugula mix. Place one of the fried chicken pieces on of the top of veggie fruit fixings.

6. Enjoy the best chicken sandwich you have had in your life.

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