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Girls Trip Pioneer Woman Style

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

If you are looking for the best foodie girls getaway trip, I suggest Pawhuska, OK. Why you might ask ??? It's because that's where the wonderful Pioneer Woman Mercantile is located. Here is a rundown on how my girls and I did this amazing getaway.

We decided to stay in Tulsa instead of Pawhuska. It's only an hour from Pawhuska. The city is full of girls trip activities. We stayed in a wonder Airbnb location. It was perfectly close to great shopping and eating.

While in Tulsa, we ate dinner at a neat restaurant called Shuffles. Shuffles is a board game centric restaurant, bar and coffee shop in downtown Tulsa where every night is game night. They have a large library of board games for you and your party to play while enjoying delicious food. Their Chicken and Waffles are amazing. The waffles are made with cheddar cheese and sage. It's the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

After eating dinner, we spent our Friday night shopping at Woodland Hills Mall.

We woke up Saturday morning, ate breakfast and headed to Pawhuska. When we made it into town we found parking about a block over from the Mercantile location. The excitement begins.. Since we arrived around 11am, we went ahead and put our name on a the list to eat lunch. The hostess said she would text us when our table was ready. Since we checked the website and realized it was a Lodge tour date, we went ahead and grabbed our tickets from the hostess. Our wait was 3 1/2 hours.

So you maybe asking, what did you guys do during the 3 1/2 hour wait for our table? We did several things. First, we shopped the retail area in Mercantile. There are several items that are not available in her product line at Walmart. This awesome tea pot is one of them.

We got so excited about all the wonderful things we wanted to buy. Our arms were full with products. Thankfully, they have a Drop and Shop area for your things to free your hands to grab more goodies. I will not even tell you how many shelves we filled. Let's just say, we enjoyed ourselves.

We decided to take a break from shopping, and fuel up with a little snack . The bakery/coffee shop upstairs was delightful. We tried a couple items but the blueberry scones are heavenly.

The snack was just enough to energize us to do a little more shopping. We grab our things from the Drop and Shop, checked out, and took our bags to the car. Since we still had several minutes left waiting on our table, we went shopping at the local boutiques walking distance away.

Now hunger has decided to join us for the trip and we still have an hour left to wait. So we decided to get another small snack from Charlie Sweet Shop. I got a scoop of Buttered Maple Pancake Ice cream on a homemade waffle cone. It was awesome.

After eating the ice cream, we decided to walk back across the street to Mercantile. As we walk in the door, we received a text that our table was ready.

The food was worth the wait. Here is some pics of the dishes we tried.

After enjoying a very fulfilling lunch, we headed to the Lodge for a tour. Not only was it peaceful, it was beautiful. My friends and I may or may not have done a mini

After hanging out at the Lodge, we headed back to Pawhuska to eat pizza at P-Town. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.The Not Knots are a must have.

Overall this was a Foodie Queen's dream girls getaway. For more pics of our weekend check out our Instagram page.

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